Alex Monteith: Need for Speed

Past Exhibitions

Alex Monteith: Need for Speed

19 June 2008 - 7 July 2008

Alex Monteith, Need for Speed (installation view), 2009.

Video antics and speed will constitute the main themes of Alex Monteith next exhibition Need for Speed. The large scale multiple video projections borrow sports-cam technology – the bullet cam, used by everyone from the RAF to Formula One racing – to make vehicle based video recordings. A number of other works will focus on the types of motion particular to motorcycles and will engage peculiarities within the culture of speed in various types of motorcycle riding.

The video installations will explore both the urban commute and race-track riding at Taupo Motorsport Park: New Zealand ’s premier motorsport venue, where on-board cameras record the motorcycles travelling at speeds of up to 300kph.