The Buzzing Confusion of Things

Past Exhibitions

The Buzzing Confusion of Things


24 July 2008 - 22 August 2008


ATTRIUM RESEARCH COLLECTIVE, The Buzzing Confusion of Things (installation view), 2008.

This exhibition has developed from two distinct points: the event and the commonplace. It sets out to question the relationship between the commonplace experience and where a sense of the event is located within such conditions. The work for this exhibition considers the inability to fathom a particular moment (through language) when the 'buzzing confusion of things’ as William James calls it, ruptures from the everyday and is held up to be understood as an event. The exhibition is part of the Attrium project, an ongoing association with RMIT, Melbourne.

In conjunction, there is a parallel exhibition held with Project Space Gallery, Melbourne.

ATTRIUM RESEARCH COLLECTIVE/ PROJECT MEMBERS are Ron Left, Jonty Valentine, Nova Paul, Monique Redmond from AUT University, NZ and Dr. David Thomas, Sally Mannall, Greg Creek, Martine Corompt from RMIT University, Australia.